Hi there! Thanks for stopping by! I’m Jaley and am new to this whole being a mom and writing a blog thing.

Lets start from the beginning– I grew up in a small town in northern Indiana that I couldn’t wait to get away from. That never happened, I’m still here. Oddly enough I’m perfectly ok with that. The older I get the more I realize how much I love living in a small town, and now I will get to raise my son in the same place I grew up which is a pretty neat thing to be able to do.

I went to college and graduated with a bachelors degree in General Studies with a concentration in Psychology. I accidentally took enough classes to get earn two minors–all of which I will probably never use because every entry level job out there seems like the requirements are always bachelors degree with at least five years of experience. When someone figures out how it’s possible to do this please let me know.

I met my husband in high school, we have been together seven years and married for one. We had our first adorable baby boy, Paxton, this year. He is what gave me the idea to start a blog.

I have searched high and low for years to find ways to make money online. You name it and I have probably done it. I’ve read a ridiculous amount of articles and blog posts claiming they would reveal the secrets to getting rich by working online, and I have spent an embarrassing amount of hours trying these methods in the hopes of being able to quit my 9-5 job.

Now that I have another tiny human to care for, staying home and not putting him in daycare is a big goal. So why start a blog you ask? Well honestly, if you’re dedicated enough, it is a money maker. Do I know how long it will take to start earning income–no. Do I know exactly what I am doing–definitely not. Do I know if it will work– nope. But this is a learning process and I want you to learn with me. I want to be able to tell you what works and doesn’t work with my blog. Aside from blogging, my other goal is to provide a place for people to go to read reviews on the different companies and programs out there claiming to be online money makers. I want to tell you if they work or not, if you will get rich overnight or only make a few dollars here and there. I’m also a cheapskate and want to get the best deal on absolutely everything. So, if I find a good product that I get for a good deal, I want to be able to share that as well.

Last but not least, I want you to share your ways to make money at home as well. Leave a comment on one of my posts or feel free to use the contact me link and I will do my best to try them and give an honest review.

Thanks for reading!