Calling All Mom’s: Baby Bottle Conundrum

Ok, Momma’s…and of course Daddy’s too– this blog is going to be a little different. I’m going to review the bottles that I’ve tried so far for my little guy, but I’m going to beg ask for some help as well.

Here’s the situation, my wonderfully perfect adorable little boy will not latch to feed unless he is beyond desperate. Honestly, I’m probably not as disappointed about this as I should be because the few times he has latched it took everything in me not to cry at the amount of pain that came with breastfeeding. Instead, I have been exclusively pumping. Yes, I know what you’re thinking and to answer your questions:

  1. Yes, it is a pain in the rear end to have your day broken down into three hour periods.
  2. Yes, it still hurts…for me it’s not as painful as breastfeeding. I’ve found that using coconut oil during pumps s along with Lanolin cream in between each pump has saved my nipples– HALLELUJAH!!
  3. Yes, you get used to constantly smelling like milk (except for that brief period between when you get out of the shower and your next pump).

Anywho, here’s the issue– my kid likes to choke when we are feeding him. I’m not talking about a little cough kind of choke. I’m talking he can’t breathe, face turns red (we usually get him through it before he hits the purple stage), throw him forward and slap his back until he quits (and pray that he does) type of choke. It’s gotten to the point that we asked our doctor to show us baby CPR just so that we can be prepared, heaven forbid he gets that bad. My husband doesn’t like feeding him anymore because he freaks out when he does this, I do too but obviously, the kid has to eat.

We know the issue is that he is eating too quickly and somehow sucking in air which combined makes him choke. We can see it coming, so we try to pull the bottle out of his mouth to give him a chance to catch up with the milk in his mouth. Sometimes it works other times he tries to keep sucking on the bottle that isn’t there and ends up taking in more air which only makes it worse. We’ve tried feeding him sitting up, laying down, in just about every position you can imagine. Sitting up helps some, but hasn’t come close to solving our problems. He gets extremely gassy as well because of all of the air intake. It gets to the point that he screams for hours until he can get the gas out. Once he poops or toots he is immediately fine. Our doctor showed us different things we can do to help him when he gets like this: bicycling his legs, rubbing his belly clockwise, taking a warm bath, but none of this seems to help. I think if we could find the right bottle it would take away a TON of our stress and help our little guy to feel a million times better.

15183269We started out with the Munchkin Latch bottles. We chose these because they all had good reviews, a vent system, and mostly because we had friends that have used them and absolutely loved them. At first, we had no issues, the bottles were great. After about a week of being home from the hospital though we started having the choking problem. I put the three bottles that we had been rotating back in the cupboard and got the other three brand new ones out and discovered that it helped a lot. This told me that the wear and tear on the old nipples was enough that the nipple opening was now larger than it should be from washes and general use. For babies who don’t have an issue with eating too quickly it wouldn’t be a problem and you honestly probably wouldn’t even know the difference. For us, though it just wasn’t worth it.

On a side note, the bottle brush that comes with the Munchkin Latch set is AMAZING. It holds up great and there’s even a smaller tool that comes out of the bottom designed for cleaning nipples and all of the hard to reach places. We also purchased the bottle drying rack which has been perfect for us. It easily fits my pumping parts, bottles, pacifiers, and the reusable containers we have for storing milk. Each level spins too which is probably my favorite feature of it. There is also a cup in the middle of the top level to put the smaller parts in so they don’t get lost.


I remembered that when we registered at Target I was given a bag of samples and coupons (which, FYI–was great). In that bag was a Dr. Brown’s bottle. I dug it out and we have been using that for the past week. It has helped a little with the choking, and a little more with the gas, but the problem is still there though. Overall though, I have been impressed with it. The nipple fits better into Paxton’s mouth which has helped a lot with air intake, but I know he is still getting some air. It’s easy assembly which makes it even easier to wash. I would recommend these bottles if your child doesn’t have the same issues as mine.

Desperate to find a bottle that would help Paxton slow down and not choke, I started researching. I was immediately overwhelmed and to be honest I still am. At one point I think I had at least 10 different bottles in my shopping cart to try because they all claimed to be “slow flow” and had great reviews. If I can avoid it though I’d rather not spend $100 trying to find the right bottle for him. If I have to I obviously will because it’s worth it to fix the choking issue but being on FMLA for 12 weeks with no pay puts a bit of a damper on my spending money. Right now I’m leaning towards trying Dr. Browns wide neck slow flow set only because we had some luck with the Dr. Browns Natrual Flow but I’m sure there are many other great options.

This is where you come in, I would LOVE to talk to anyone that could help. Which bottles do you use that work good and have a slow flow? Have you had any of these issues before, if so what did you do that worked, what didn’t work? Help a momma out here!

Feel free to leave your response in the comment section or even send me a message through the contact page!

Thanks in advance for helping me keep my sanity!


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