Binky Sanity: Soothies

Soothies, infant pacifier
Soothies— the pacifier choice of what seems to be just about every hospital around here.

About three months ago I decided I needed to be super prepared for when our little one would be coming home. So I waddled around my house trying to picture all of the baby things set up…Pack n’ Play would go in the living room next to the window, swing would go in the only corner left that was big enough for it to fit in, I would need to bring his clothes and blankets downstairs since I was having a C-Section and wouldn’t be able to go upstairs for a little bit to get things. The list went on and on, then it occurred to me that I had no pacifiers in our house. In a panic I got on Amazon and looked up different kinds, I was immediately overwhelmed at all of the different options claiming to be the best.

I had opted for the Munchkin Latch bottles, we had friends that had their first child about a year before and that was what they used. Since we were new to this whole parenting thing we just copied them. While on my mad search for the correct pacifier (as if that even exists) I found that Munchkin Latch also had the pacifier that was the same fit as the nipple on their bottles. I had hit the jackpot, this kid was going to take a bottle like a pro and not get too addicted to his binky since it would be the same as the nipple on the bottle, right?!….ha! No.

I ordered enough binkys, as we call them in our house, to put in his nursery, Pack n’ Play, our bedroom, his swing, diaper bag, and then a few extras just to have since everyone told me we would go through them like hot cakes (which by the way we haven’t). I made sure I had the one in the diaper bag in an easy place to find for my husband at the hospital.

Finally the day came, and I was a nervous wreck. I had never had surgery before, yet one that I would be awake for. Shoot…if we’re being honest the worst I’ve ever had was 2 cavities and I refused to get numbing shots because I was terrified of the needles going into my mouth. Surgery ended up going good…after I threw up multiple times in the OR (it was their fault they gave me gross medicine to drink before going back, they should really work on getting better flavors). In the recovery room though is where our binky situation started.

Now, I didn’t realize that they give the baby a pacifier that quick after delivery. Once we got back to recovery one of the first questions I was asked was whether or not we were going to give him a pacifier. Thinking nothing of it my husband and I both said yes, then I blinked and there was a pacifier in my childs mouth. I didn’t think much of it, I was still drugged up pretty good and the last thing on my mind was that it was the wrong one.

Then we got back to the room, after a while the baby started crying so I asked my husband to get in the diaper bag and get our pacifier out instead of the one they gave him. He wanted nothing to do with it. I tried a few more times, but he was addicted to the Soothie.

I have nothing against these pacifiers, they actually work really well, and they’re teal/green so finding them in my beige house is pretty easy too. My kid obviously likes them, and they keep my sanity at 3 am when I don’t have a bottle warmed up ready to go and he’s screaming like he hasn’t eaten in four days when in reality his last feeding was 45 minutes ago. My issue is that I now have an entire bag full of the Munchkin Latch pacifiers that my child refuses to use because the nurse didn’t think to ask if we wanted theirs or not. Luckily I didn’t have to buy all new ones, I asked the hospital for some Soothies to take home on top of what they had already given us while we were there (so technically I guess I did have to buy them, and I probably overpaid for them but that’s what insurance is for, right?).

So whats the moral of this story you ask? If you’re nine months pregnant and have crazy pregnancy brain–yes, it’s a real thing– and you are dead set on what pacifiers your child is going to use (even though in the end it’s probably the last thing that matters) you should definitely talk to your doctor or hospital–or just do the easy thing and go with the Soothies in the first place.



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